The long trip West

And so we went. Hasselt – Amsterdam – Frankfurt – San Francisco. First stop was an unknown hotel in Schiphol called CitizenM. We have never seen such a cool hotel before. You check-in on a terminal, create your own key. It was amazing. The rooms are small but very well furnished. An iPad controls your complete room, from temperature to lights, shutters and TV. Great choice !

We decided to spend the night in Amsterdam to have a stressfree flight, sleeping 300 metres from the Schiphol Terminal. Boy we were wrong.

Flights at 11.15, boarding at 10.45, luggage checkin untill 10.20. 7 Minute walk from our hightech Amsterdam hotel to the terminal. Time to relax !

Soooo.. We leave the hotel at 9.30 ( checkout took about 45 seconds only ) , get slightly confused by our Lufthansa operated flight ( we are going with United ) and check in our luggage by 9.55. Time is on our side. Lets quickly go through security and have a coffee before our flight. Yeah right.


From that point it was only 40-45 minutes untill you reached security.. The super calm and relaxing morning we had so far turned into a sweaty, running and fearfull nightmare. Hundreds of people against eachother following endless lanes to reach security. But we had 45 minutes untill boarding.. so it could be okay. Around 10.50 we were halfway this mess and An had enough. She stormed under 3 ropes accross 3 lanes of waiting people to a security officer to ask permission to go through. Somehow he let us through and RIGHT in time we catched our flight to Frankfurt. Wow.

The rest of the trip was rather uneventfull except for the absolute stunning view of Greenland from the plane. Amazing!


In San Francisco we got our rental car and went to our first hotel in Redwood City for a well deserved first nights sleep.

Here are some pics from Day 1 :


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