Silicon Valley: Salads & Teslas

Day 2 on our USA holiday and the jetlag just kicked in. An got up at 3.30AM and was in the shower around 5.30. Kevin was fully awake around 5.00 ( wow? ) and every other hotel guest hates us now here.

To get the day started we wrote out our first blog and went out to get coffee & bagels !


Since it was so early we decided to explore Redwood City a bit on foot and found the Carrefour of America : Safeway ! Supermarkets in the US are so much better, there is a coffeecorner ( Starbucks ) to sit and drink, there are no sections with open freezers ( dont have to wear a jacket to go shopping like at colruyt .. ) , and everythings just looks.. pretty ! Also everything is bigger, there is a coupon for everything and there is just way too much choice.


On the way back to the hotel we walked past the Shazam offices and City Hall and went for .. some sleep. An afternoon nap and we were ready to discover Silicon Valley at the very center : Palo Alto.

An got herself a US phone number to be able to navigate once we are on the road, and we saw some pretty weird characters on the streets dancing and shouting things when they walked by.

Silicon Valley.. The dream of every IT guy in the world, and home to Google, Facebook, Apple, … you name it. Apparantly besides these companies, there isn’t a whole lot to do in Palo Alto.. except for : Eating salads and driving a Tesla. In Belgium we have a ridiculous amount of Volkswagens. In Silicon Valley, the Volkswagen is Tesla. Everyone drives it around here, these are the most silent roads you’ve ever seen.

Looking for a place to eat here is not too difficult, finding a restaurant where salads arent the only thing on the menu IS. Everyone here wants to eat healthy, excersize and go to the gym.

Finally we found a decent place to eat, and for some reason Kevin decided to not go for the usual dish ( hamburger ) but decided to order something truly American..


French fries & Chicken smothered in gravy and .. waffles with maple syrup and butter ! He will order plain hamburgers from now on again. The real upside on this restaurant were the Belgian beers. Stella Artois was on tap, Duvel, Hoegaarden, Karmeliet, Leffe and Chimay in a bottle ! We taught the bartender to say ‘pintje’ and went back to Redwood City in our loud Nissan.. 😦

Tommorow the real trip starts with a visit to San Francisco and Alcatraz, hope we dont wake up at 4AM again.

Here are some pics from Day 2 :


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