Into the deep

Day 4 in the USA. We wake up early again ( around 6.30 ) and today we plan on visiting the Monterey Bay Aquarium. One of the biggest aquariums on the planet! Kevin has his daily morning coffee while videochatting with Glenn ( Glenn is like our travelpet, he visits everything with us from Belgium 🙂 ). Tonight we will be sleeping in Santa Cruz, the surf town.

Driving an automatic is a breeze in traffic, we understand why every American has one now. Parking near Monterey is special, you have a meter for every parking spot on the street.


The adult fee is $50 / person, but the friendly cashier gave us the student discount 🙂 Guess we both still look 20 years old! The aquarium looks small at first, but there are so much sections which you can’t see at first. Some very notable animals :

The giant octopus, some very rare jellyfish, hammerhead sharks, sea otters, .. The display of many species are really nice and ofcourse we were amazed by the GIANT deep sea tank ! I have never seen an aquarium that big..


After 3 hours we finally seen it all and we must say its an amazing place to go to. We can recommend it to anyone! An made some amazing pictures so we hope everyone enjoys them.

Now it was off to Santa Cruz. A 1 hour drive from Monterey to a lovely little motel called the Harbor Inn. The place was so cosy, it was like sleeping over at grandma’s house. The room was full of windows and some of the other guests were really cool to talk to.

The owner was really excited to hear we were from Belgium because ofcourse ! MOTOCROSS. For him Belgium is the center of Motocross in the world and he was excited to hear Kevin speak out the names of the drivers in a Belgian accent ( stephan everts, marnix berrevoets, .. ).

And then we met Chuck. The owner of the crazy car with this license plate :


We had some great conversations about America, California, Trump and traffic. We decided eventually to order some pizza to the hotel and stay in as the weather wasn’t too good in Santa Cruz. Oh if you order a pizza you can choose the size in inches, 12 inch, 14 inch, 16 inch, 18 inch, .. We ordered the smallest one and that was even too big for us.

Anyway, we had a cool day and we look forward to WHALE WATCHING tommorow in Santa Cruz !

Here are some pics from Day 4 :




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