The mystery day in Santa Cruz

Day 5 started sadly.. We got a telephone from Santa Cruz Whale Watching.. Due to a storm our boattrip to watch whales was cancelled 😦 Hope we can book another whale watching trip in Los Angeles. So we looked around and decided to go to the mystery spot ! What we encountered there was really weird..

Ofcourse we never start the day without our travelpet with us.

Afbeelding van Kevin

Before heading to the mystery spot we went for a quick breakfast at the Windmill Cafe in Santa Cruz. They had a human menu and a doggy menu.. Guess thats normal here!

After a small ride into the forest we arrived at the mystery spot. Lots of ‘baby’ redwood trees here..


The gift shop at the mystery spot was strange to say the least.. Lollipops with real ants inside.. Packages of Larvets & Crickettes to eat .. This is going to be interesting.

The mystery spot puts you in small groups with a tourguide. Our tourguide was hilarious btw! It is a real strange feeling going around the mystery spot, it’s like gravity is shaped differently around here. The pictures aren’t even doing it justice.. You GOT TO experience this once!

Gravity redefined


Since whale watching was cancelled and the mystery spot is only an hour long tour we had lots of time ahead of us. We went back to Monterey and went for dinner at Denny’s. Denny’s is like a McDonalds franchise but with a slightly more restaurant-y feel. It’s like you see in the movies with sofas in a booth and a big counter where you can eat at the bar. The food was cheap and delicious.


After Denny’s we went to the CVS supermarket to buy some supplies and went to our lovely hotel for the day : The Lone Oak Lodge.

Really clean rooms, a spa house and a great TV selection with HBO. ( An was really excited for the E channel.. ). Because of the early mornings the last couple of days we fell asleep early and had a real long sleep to catch up. Tommorow we will be heading to Santa Barbara, a 4 hour drive south on 1 of the most beautiful highways in the country.. But we already heard some bad news.. We’ll let you know tommorow !

Here are some pics from Day 5 :


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