A beautiful 250 mile drive south

– Kevin is driving and An is giving instructions as the co-pilot ( on our way to Santa Barbara ) –

A: “There is a huge turn coming up.” K: “Ok to the right?” A: “Yeah but its really really really sharp” K: “Oh so a U-turn?” A: “NO its more then a U turn!!!” K: “What? Whats more then a U-turn?” A: “A CIRCLE!” …

Day 6 and for 3 days we havent had the best weather. Lets hope Santa Barbara will be better. As said yesterday we had some bad news.. Due to a bridge collapse, the road to Big Sur will not be accessible and therefore we cannot take the scenic Highway 1 next to the ocean 😦

We were a bit dissapointed but once one the road we were stunned by the equally stunning nature around us while driving south on highway 101.


It was our first big drive and it went far smoother then we had anticipated. Ofcourse driving on cruise control without having to adjust it for hundreds of miles helps.. We are still surprised at the road etiquette from the Americans so far. We havent seen anyone speeding or driving reckless yet.


What we still dont understand though, are the crossovers.. Since its obvious the “right has priority” is not being used here, we are always wondering what is the rule here? It seems its a round-robin style system, but we are not sure yet. For now we are being cautious at crossovers and try to follow the example of the cars ahead of us.


When we were about 20 miles from Santa Barbara it was 13°C outside, 15 minutes later it was 20°C.. Pretty crazy.

Checked in at the Orange Tree Inn in Santa Barbara and we went for a drive around. The pier was recommended so we walked there and the sights were amazing. The only downside were the heavy winds, but atleast it was not raining!


After the pier we went to FUNK TOWN. The artist district in Santa Barbara and it was really great. TIP: Whenever you want to go out to a restaurant in the US MAKE A RESERVATION! Every restaurant we went so far there was a waiting line for 40mins to an hour and half. We were lucky, the Fish House had only a 20min waiting line. The food was delicious ! Fresh Shrimps and Scampis.. See, we dont eat fries and burgers every day! 🙂


Tomorrow we are heading to the City of Angels. We are excited !

Here are some pics from Day 6 :


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