Crowded, snobby, laidback

Day 8 in the US. We spent the whole morning calling back and forth between our bank and mastercard in the US. Apparently An’s mastercard got copied somewhere and alot of strange transactions started to occur. Atos Worldline blocked the card and we had to jump through all the hoops to arrange for an emergency card. We should have it by tomorrow.

Anyway, it’s beach day and the weather was amazing ( 26°C ) so we headed out to our first destination of the day : the iconic Santa Monica Pier!


There is a nice vibe in Santa Monica, but overall it feels a bit touristy. The streetacts were cool though, and the scenery is perfect for taking pictures. An had a blast with her camera, and even Kevin took the role of professional photographer when some doves were posing for him.


After we’ve seen most of it, we headed out to Malibu. The beach-house town of the celebrities. We didn’t really went to a specific location but just cruised around malibu to see the lifestyle of the rich & the famous. When we were stopped by a security gate going up a hill, we returned back to the main road and lo and behold : Charlie Sheen drove past us and even greeted us with a handgesture because we let him cross.

The house of Charlie Sheen?



Because the ATM in our appt complex only dispenses $200 , we went to the Wells Fargo bank in Malibu in an expensive shopping mall. It was a surreal experience. We entered the bank and went in line to wait for an employee. A whole 15 seconds later someone came over to apologise for the wait, and offered us a drink. What the hell, they obviously thought we were loaded. 🙂

The bank couldnt even read our MAESTRO cards, so we went to our car again to drive back south. We have to say, in those 20 minutes at the shopping mall, we saw the biggest collection of luxurious cars ever. Rolls royces, bentleys, mustangs, escalades, … Not 1 shop even had price tags on any product. Weird. Let’s head to Venice Beach.

Venice Beach is a whole other world, it’s real, it’s laidback, it’s artistic, it’s just so goddamn fun to hang out! It was one of the best experiences this holiday so far. We saw A LOT of crazy, fun people and were in awe of the whole atmosphere. We bought some cool hoodies as a souvenir.


We saw muscle beach, an outdoor gym on the beach, Venice Skatepark and all the colourful shops on the boardwalk with street artists in front of them. We don’t know if its safe at night, but we felt perfectly fine during the day.

Speaking of safe, when we headed back to the appt there was a suspicious man crossing the street in front of our car, and immediatly Kevin locked the doors. An found it hilarious for some reason. 🙂

A few blocks further we stopped at a red light and the driver in the car on the right of us looked at An. He proceeded to open his window and asked An : “Where is the pigeon?! Is he under my car? I dont want to run him over!”


All in all, we heard so much about the horrible LA traffic but during our rides today, it was really not that bad. The highways in the city are 6 lane wide, so it really feels comfortable driving around. We feel more nervous in traffic going to Antwerp or Brussels.. We made alot of pictures today, we hope you enjoy them !

Here are some pics from Day 8 :


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