Hello Hollywood, Los Angeles

Day 7. A week into our roadtrip of the westcoast and we are still loving everything about it. Today has been slightly uneventful due to the heavy traffic to LA and that we had to wait about 3 hours to get our appartment ( which is amazing btw ! ) ..

As opposed to normal it was Kevin who was up early today around 7AM. Ofcourse it was matchday and Anderlecht was going to be playing. The feeling was a bit surreal though, watching a live match early in the morning.


After the match it was goodbye Santa Barbara and hello Los Angeles ! We are excited to arrive in the city of Angels and to explore its sights and sounds. The closer you get to LA though, the more traffic.. Also there are so much expensive cars driving around, which could have been expected I guess.


A fun thing to do on the freeway stuck in traffic is looking at the license plates.. so much customized plates and sometimes hilarious ones like “Pro Geek” , “Feb 1839” , “Here Bro” , .. And sometimes, people dont have any license plate at all..


After seeing so many famous signs we finally arrived at our private appt complex. The private property looked amazing ( Toluca Hills Appts ) and it was straight in Hollywood, but we had to wait 3 hours to get our appartment.. Once we had the keys though.. it was amazing!


We decided to go for some groceries and cooked our first home-made meal in the US. Yummy ! Time to sleep because tomorrow we are heading to Malibu and Venice beach!

Here are some pics from Day 7 :




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