The real stars of Hollywood

Day 9 was a lazy one. We slept in untill noon today ( don’t judge! ) and wanted to do something without driving ourselves today.. Originally we wanted to go to Disneyland or the Universal Studios but 2 things kept us from going :

  1. It’s spring break in the US right now, which means the parks are PACKED with kids right now. So that means long lines and ALOT of waiting.
  2. Every park has a regular ticket ( which already costs alot ) and on top of that you can buy a FAST pass ( which lets you get in front of lines ). And if thats not enough already, they also have even FASTER passes ( some of which costs 300$ each! ) to get in front of everyone on the rides.

Keeping those 2 in mind we really weren’t all too excited to go to the themeparks here in LA. So we settled for a nice walk on the famous walk of fame, and a cool show at the Griffith Observatory ( a really immense planetarium on the top of a hill here in LA )


So in the afternoon we decided to get an Uber to the stars of the walk of fame. When you never been there you imagine this clean and modern street, full of stars on the ground with a lot of iconic buildings. In reality the walk of fame is kinda sad..

Ofcourse you see some famous stars on the walkway but the streets give a big contrast. A lot of homeless people sleep on the streets here, right next to the stars on the ground. Kinda ironic.. The vibe on the street is not that of the jetset you think of on TV, but a dirty tourist trap where everyone is out for your money.. A lot of people trying to sell you their CDs and being arrogant when you decline it in a friendly manner.

The highlight of the street is Grauman’s Chinese Theatre where a lot of iconic stars have put their name, their hands and their footprints in fresh cement. Some of them dating nearly 100 years ago!


After a walk around we decided to go for some Margaritas and Tacos! The drinks were great, the tacos were great but VERY spicy! An was nearly panicking of the hotness in her mouth 🙂


Enough of the celebrity stars, time for some real stars. An Uber brought us to the top of the hill of the griffith observatory and we were just in time for the sunset overlooking the famous Hollywood sign. The views from the top of the hill were stunning!


We bought tickets to “The Center of The Universe”, a show about earths location in the universe and the immense solar systems surrounding us. It was the best show in a planetarium we have ever seen. The voice throughout the show was done live and it was simple amazing.

Afterwards we enjoyed the views of LA by night and went home with another Uber.

Tomorrow is going to be a relaxing day aswell as we are going to do some laundry and chill out at our appt complex. At night we booked a reservation in a cool restaurant on Sunset Boulevard!

Here are some pics from Day 9 :


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