A night on a haunted ship!

Day 11 and we are slowly moving away from LA. Although we were skeptical at first, now we definitely know the traffic is bad here. Driving 20km takes about 30-40 minutes, atleast.

The appartment at Toluca Hills was amazing and we are sad to leave, but there are so much more exciting things coming up! Today for example, we are sleeping on the haunted Queen Mary!

We woke up around 9AM and made waffles for breakfast, again! ( which you cant compare to waffles in Belgium ).


We decided to do all our laundry before checkout so An spent almost the whole morning in the laundry room of the appartment complex. Fresh clothes for the next 10 days ! 🙂

The trip to Long Beach was going to last about an hour. But Anderlecht (Kevin’s Belgian soccer team) played their match against Manchester United so he had to install Belgian radio before we took off..


When we arrived at the Queen Mary, we listened to the radio for about 20 more minutes to hear Anderlecht draw Manchester United, and finally we could board the big ship with Kevin in an extremely good mood!

The ship is huge by the way! It reminded us alot of the Titanic, looking at the style and architecture.


After a coffee and a quick snack we decided to tour around the ship. Oh yeah : by now we both have our favourite Starbucks coffees :

  • Kevin : Hot White Chocolate Mocha
  • An : Caramel Frappuccino

They are delicious !

Because we didnt do any themeparks in LA, we decided to upgrade our room to a mini suite. It was well worth the extra $40. We had an amazing view, 2 bathrooms, a kingsize bed and a living area.

After putting away our luggage, we decided to check out the engine room and watch a BBC Planet Earth 4D movie on the ship. The 20 min movie was surprisingly nice with some unexpected effects: You feel the water splashes, the wind in the air-shots, the eel electricity, the snake-poking from behind ( which scared the crap out of us ) and when they filmed the whales eating krill, the whole cinema filled with soap bubbles!

The engine room was cool. You can read up about the history of it. When the ship was still active, the engine rooms were a dangrous spot with every pipe being about 400°C. Kevin really loved it!


We also read up on how the ship is reportedly haunted. A lot of ghost hunters have been on the ship and measured some paranormal activity in some parts. We don’t know if its true but we hope we dont experience it tonight while sleeping 🙂

The ship is gorgeous and enormous. It is truly a big maze to find antyhing. AND THEN YOU SEE THE VIEW! Whoa! You have a perfect view of downtown Los Angeles and its simply amazing. It was even more impressive at night. It was one of the best views we ever had.


An saw Titanic one too many times and was a bit worried about sleeping on the ship. The thought of the ship sinking scares her alot, even though its not in open water 🙂

Tomorrow we head to San Diego, let’s hope we don’t encounter any ghosts tonight !

Here are some pics from Day 11 :


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