The ship emergency

Wowww. As we wrote yesterday, An was a bit worried about sinking.. Kevin comforted her and told her sinking was really not a danger here. The only danger would be a fire, even more so because of the maze-like corridors..

8.50AM in the morning. Suddenly we wake up by a loud voice on the speakers :

No it was not a dream.. it was a real nightmare! We were terrified and went to the exit signs on the corridor, had to turn around because it was blocked and eventually found the lobby. By the time we were outside of the ship, they announced that we could go back in and it was a false report..

Besides the fire alarm in the morning, we didnt do a whole lot today. Before we headed to San Diego, we decided to make a stop at Laguna & Newport Beach. An knows it by heart because of her favourite reality shows being filmed there.. We stopped in Newport Beach ( The OC ) and went for a coffee. The atmosphere was really nice around here.

The surrounding area and houses were beautiful. It looks like a nice place to live.. Apparantly the prices for housing are VERY steep here though.. We drove past Laguna Beach ( Lauren Conrad’s hometown from ‘the Hills’) and made some pictures of the surroundings and the beautiful beach.


We drove to San Diego and checked in at the La Quinta Inn. A decent hotel with a spacious room in OceanSide San Diego.


Our friend Sajjad had a special request some days ago. As he had been in most fast-food restaurants in the US, but never been to an In-N-Out, he asked us to review it for him. So here goes :

In-N-Out surprised us. It has the smallest menu we’ve ever seen. You can only order Hamburger, Cheeseburger or a Double Double Burger. You get a number after your order and have to wait in the waiting area for your number to be called. The interior is simplistic and ordinary. After a bit of a wait ( it’s not as fast as in the other fastfood restaurants ) we got our food. The burger ( double double ) was VERY good, the fries … ehh.. 

All in all we give it a 6 out of 10!


In the evening we made an appointment for a couples massage in the city and it was delightfull. We both enjoyed it and are now preparing for a good nights sleep. Tomorrow we are heading to one of the biggest zoo’s in the world !

Here are some pics from Day 12 :



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