Hello Grand Canyon State!

Day 14 is going to be all about fun in the car and beautifull scenery ! It was one of the biggest drives of our holiday and we really enjoyed the road. Our first dilemma today though, was to choose between the i8 highway and the i10 highway.

A quick tip for everyone planning to visit the US one day : Highways with even numbers ( i8 , i10 , SR-60 , etc.. ) always go west-east. Highways with uneven number ( 101, i-5, etc .. ) always travel north-south. When you are about to enter the highway you pick the lane in which direction you want to travel ( north, east, south or west ). We really like the simplicity of it!


Anyway, we had to choose between the i-8 and the i-10 highway. The i-8 runs next to the Mexican border and cuts straight through the desert direction Arizona. The i-10 starts north of San Diego almost back in Los Angeles, and goes through Palm Springs and runs next to Joshua Tree National Park.

They both take around 8 hours but in Palm Springs is currently one of the biggest festivals in the country happening ( Coachella ) , so the traffic probably would be bad. This made us choose for the i-8..

The first thing you notice when driving on the i-8 is the green mountains from California start to disappear, turning into rocky hills which eventually turn into a flat endless desert. An had her first experience driving an automatic car and loved it.


We had a big new Spotify playlist with lots of sing-a-long songs 🙂 The road was really good and most of the time the speedlimit was 75 mph ( 120 km/u ) instead of the normal 65 mph ( 104 km/u ). After a few hours we drove past the exit to Mexico, every surrounding town on our GPS was in Spanish.


We made a couple of stops and noticed the big difference in temperature on our first stop in Yuma. ( 34°C ! ) It was a very pleasant heat because of the dry air. An immediately fell in love with Arizona..


We stopped around 7 o clock in Phoenix ( the sun was going down ) and had a great meal in the Village Inn, famous for their French chocolate pies! The waiter was a little bit odd, but the food and service were excellent!


From Phoenix, it was about 90 more minutes until Sedona. The only problem was it was now pitch black outside. The closer we got to Sedona, the more we noticed how dark it was outside. This was not a normal nightsky, it was very very black. You could easily see hundreds of stars with the naked eye. It was breathtaking!

We arrived around 9.45PM but the hotel office was closed already.. Panic started to rear its head, but then we noticed the sticky note :

WhatsApp Image 2017-04-17 at 23.16.38.jpeg

Our suite looked amazing, it even had an indoor fireplace!  We went to sleep without even knowing how the surroundings looked like. Tomorrow is a BIG day.. 🙂 We will take a hike around Bell Rock Mountain and the Courthouse Rock. Looking forward to it !

Here are some pics from Day 14 :



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