Wild Animals

Some days have passed since our last blog but we will make up for it. Expect a triple tonight!

After writing our last one, we were going to sleep in anticipation for the zoo the next day. However the zoo came to us that night! 😮

We watched a late night movie and went downstairs for a last smoke around 3.45AM. What we witnessed can only be described as a zoo 🙂 Important to know is how the hotel door works. During the day its an automatic door which opens when you walk past it. During the night its locked and you have to unlock it from the inside to set it to completely open. It wont close until you push it back to ‘closed’.

Now, when we went outside we saw that the smoke bench outside of the hotel was occupied by a homeless lady with a cart. She was obviously doing drugs and kept looking around in some sort of paranoid state of mind.

We kinda ignored her while smoking a cigarette on the other bench next to the hotel door. Suddenly we heard loud screaming from the sidewalk next to the street about 50 metres away. We saw a homeless guy on his sandals walking towards our hotel. “Oh my god, Oh my god, Oh my god, Oh my god, …” was what he kept saying, and by the time we understood what was happening, he was already walking inside our hotel…

The night-clerk was in the lobby and didn’t really understand what was happening. The homeless guy was now screaming “I’m so cold” and started running through the halls. The homeless woman near the door also started saying she was cold. An was talking to her, and in al her sweet naivety, promised her to get her a blanket. Kevin was less compassionate and convinced An to let the clerk handle it. He told us to go to sleep and he would solve it…

The next morning we asked how it all played out, and he told us they found the homeless guy 2 hours later on the 3rd floor behind a vending machine sleeping, and had the police send the homeless woman away.. This was not the only thing that happened that night and it happens alot he said.. Crazy 🙂 Time for the zoo!


In the afternoon we went to the legendary San Diego Zoo. It was really huge and very beautiful. The animals were in really nice enclosures. We saw so many rare animals, it was crazy. When you think of a zoo in Europe, you think about walking by every enclosure and strolling around on your own pace. Most Americans do it differently though..

Inside the parc, there were A LOT of busses. If you didn’t want to walk, you could take one of the many buses to ride around the parc. Everywhere around the park there are roads for buses, next to every enclosure even! We guess the zoo is too big to do it by foot.. 😉 We were happy to walk around though..


The San Diego Zoo is beautifully themed but it’s a little bit too commercial. After the panda exhibit there is a shop with everything panda related, after the tigers there is a shop with everything tiger related, etc etc … You kinda ignore it because there are so many beautiful animals, but it’s another proof that Americans can commercialize everything to the extreme 🙂

Tomorrow we have one of the biggest drives ahead of us : 500 miles / 800 km from San Diego to Sedona !

Here are some pics from Day 13 :


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