An EXTREME day in Flagstaff

Nothing can top day 15, but the US keeps amazing us. We drive for 2 hours and the landscape is completely different. Its really amazing and that’s why doing a roadtrip here is so rewarding.

Today we were ready for some action and had alot of things planned.

We woke up around 10AM and checked out of the Sedona Village Lodge. While carrying our bags to the car we met Louetta & Bob, an elderly couple from Lake Tahoe. They were so hearthwarming and friendly. They invited us to their home in Lake Tahoe but sadly would still be on holiday in Arizona when we plan to be there. We dont really write alot about the people we meet and have some conversations with, but all of them are so kind. Sometimes you hear about the snobby and arogant nature of Americans, but this roadtrip so far has proven it to be the opposite for us.

After the checkout our first stop was slide rock park. It is a naturally formed water slide in solid rock! It was a bit crowdy and the water was freeeeeeeezing 🙂 But it was gorgeous out there.


We couldn’t stay for long because we had booked our tickets for a 2 PM Extreme Adventure in Flagstaff! After an hour of driving up small, curvy roads uphill, we finally saw the landscape change. From the beautiful red rocks it changed into pine forests and huge snowy mountains in the distance.


We arrived at the Adventure course and had to wear harnesses with 2 safety clips and a zipline tool 🙂 There were 5 courses: Green, Silver, Blue, Red & Black. They would be harder and harder and you only get a bracelet if you finish black.. Easy 🙂 We both did some survival courses in the Ardennes once, so this must be kinda the same.. Wrong!

Flagstaff Extreme Adventure, the name of this course, has its name for a reason. It is REALLY EXTREME. Because of safety reasons, we couldn’t bring a cellphone or camera to make pictures but whoa.. this was unbelievably cool. We’ll post a promotional video below of the exact same course we took.

Click here to watch the promotional video of the course we took.

It took us 3 and a half hours to finish it.. but we MADE IT! The last 4 obstacles were such a hassle. You are 25 metres from the ground, it was very windy and you already spent 3 hours going through all kinds of obstacles. We were so happy that it was finally over. We were the only ones that day that finished the black course! Some teenagers we met at the blue course told us we looked really professional. And we felt like it too 🙂


Exhausted we went on our way to flagstaff centre. We went for some food at Sizzlers, which is kinda weird. You enter the place, and have to place your order at the cashier. (This is not really fastfood, mind you) You then get seated by your waiter and they take your receipt and prepare your meal. It was really bad though. Ugh.. (everything is fried)

After we checked in at our hotel, we got a text from the stargazing company.. The skies were clear, the tour would be on tonight! It’s an hour drive from Flagstaff back to Sedona but we thought it was really worth it though. And we were absolutely right. It was a bit pricey, but we learned so much about the stars and oh my god.. The sky here is so dark at night, you see millions of stars! We looked through a huge telescope at different star and even solar systems! But the grand finale was Jupiter. The planet with the eternal storm was at his best visible spot of the year and we really saw it from closeby. You could see the red storm and all of its stripes. It was really amazing.

Around midnight the tour ended and we went back to Sedona. We were warned to be carefull for crossing animals and we kinda laughed with it. ( Earler today we saw signs for crossing donkeys, crossing deer, .. but never saw anything ) About 5 minutes later we suddenly had to stop for wild pigs crossing the road. It was kinda crazy 🙂

Back to the hotel in Flagstaff and sleep time. We were really exhausted. Tomorrow we are heading to the GRAND CANYON! Whoooo!

Here are some pics from Day 16 :


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