We’re engaged!!!!

Whoaaaaaaaa. This was a BIG BIG BIG day for us both. Sedona is magical and put it’s famous love spell on us today. Here is what happened :

(Start Kevins viewpoint)
I woke up around 8AM and went for some coffee and a smoke. Today was the day I was going to propose! I was really excited but also anxious. Around 9AM An was still in bed because she was tired from the really long drive yesterday. I was trying to push her to get up but she was starting to get annoyed by me. I was so nervous! Because I was so nervous I couldn’t find anything for our hike to the mountains. Binoculars? Where are they?? “An, did you see the binoculars?”.. turns out I already packed them in my bag 30 minutes before. What the hell was wrong with me?

Eventually we were ready to go for the hike around 10AM. They told us it would be a 2-3 hour long walk and while An was in the room I asked for the perfect spot to propose. I was instructed to the right spot and was ready to go. 20 minutes later we arrived at the start of the trail. OH MY GOD Did I pack the ring? .. Whoa, yes. Relax I have it.

We started the trail around the Bell Rock and we were loving the sights. It is so beautiful out here!


An really didn’t notice my nervousness and was taking pics left and right.


Almost 90 minutes into the hike I started to worry. What if I dont find the spot? Did I remember what I’m going to say? Yes. Ok.

Suddenly there it was..


This was the moment, we went for a smoke on a treelog with the view infront of us. I made up a story that I put my cellphone in a timer to take a picture of us both. In secret I was going to film the whole proposal. Brilliant right? Right. 5 TIMES I SET IT UP, PEOPLE KEPT WALKING OVER! This is going wrong! Is this a sign? Or am I getting crazy. Relax. Alright you know what to say, GO FOR IT.

WhatsApp Image 2017-04-21 at 20.50.25

It was a magical moment. I forget everything I was about to say and muttered a sentence or 2. I went on my knee and took the box out of my pocket. An looked at me with a lot of confusion. Am I doing it wrong? I showed the ring and said “Do you want to marry me?”. This was the moment and I was scared, confused, anxious and sweating swimming pools.

Her confusion turned into a big smile of pure happiness and she shouted “Ofcourse I want to marry you!”. We hugged and kissed. Tears were shed a little bit. And she looked so happy and surprised. A lady with a dog passed and clapped excitedly for us.
(End Kevins viewpoint)


(Start Ans viewpoint)
I woke up and Kevin had already made me my morning coffee. I had such a good nights sleep! Yesterday we arrived in Arizona and I absolutely loved everything about it.. The desert views, the weather, the friendly people.. Kevin was trying to rush me out of bed but I wasn’t in a hurry, we had the whole day ahead of ourselves and it was only like 9AM.

I got out of bed and got ready for our hike. Kevin packed the bags and off we went. I really liked it out here, the weather was great and the big red rocks looked amazing. We took alot of pictures and stopped for a rest on a small lookout. The view out there was unbelievable..

Kevin suggested to do some timed pictures but people kept walking through the path of the camera.. He said we should wait, but I told him we should just go ahead. I doesn’t matter if people see us taking pictures right?

While taking pictures Kevin started to say sweet things to me, the only thing on my mind though, was our pose for those pictures.. He wasn’t even looking at the camera! He asked me if I was happy with him. “Ofcourse I am baby, real happy!”.  He got on one knee and popped the big question. It still didn’t really hit me. I saw a woman passing by with a dog who looked excited and started clapping. I looked at Kevin again and suddenly I realized what was going on. HE ASKED ME TO MARRY HIM! I said “Ofcourse I will!” and was over the moon! I started to feel warm inside and realized how happy he makes me.


He didn’t make pictures, but made a video of the moment. We watched it over and over again and I was very emotional. When we got back to the lodge we shared the news with friends and family and spent the rest of the day in eachother’s arms. It was without any doubt, the most perfect day!
(End Ans viewpoint)

We talked alot about how Kevin planned it and who knew about it already etc.. An didn’t have the slightest clue about it, which was perfect. This way it was really a big surprise.

What we really want to emphasize though is the scenery in Sedona. It is without any doubt one of the most amazing places we’ve ever seen. During the day you have the brightest blue sky you have ever seen, they form a big contrast with the red rock mountains. This goes on for miles and every mountain has a distinct shape. The place we got engaged was in front of the Courthouse Rock, next to the Bell Rock.


Rachid, our friend from Belgium told all of his friends that the most amazing place in the world was the view of the Schulensmeer.. It may be just our own taste, but there isn’t even a comparison between the views out here and the Schulensmeer. Next time we come back to Sedona, we will take you with us Rachid! 🙂

We also were scheduled to have a stargazing show at 10PM but it got cancelled due to some clouds that night. It might be possible to do it tomorrow but we have a busy day ahead of us. Not sure we can do it all.

Here are some pics from Day 15 :


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