A long & hot ride ( 1040km ) … trough Death Valley!

Day 21. The day of the biggest drive of our roadtrip was crazy. 650 miles or 1040 kilometres in one day and a 35°C change of temperature in only a couple of hours..

We left Vegas around 11AM and started our trip West, we decided to drive through the beautiful desert of Death Valley.

15 minutes after entering Death Valley, you drive through this small small town ( about 5 or 6 buildings here ) , An had to go to the restrooms but they didn’t had water there. It looked very creepy.


Death Valley is one of the hottest places in the world. Some of the places we drove through indicated the weather here : Furnace Creek, Hells Gate, Stovepipe Wells, .. We stopped for a quick smoke in Stovepipe Wells.. The temperature was 40°C in the shadow..


But that was not everything. The air here.. It is really like standing in a big oven. Death Valley has the world record for hottest air temperature due to the mountains surrounding the desert not cooling down the air. It is really crazy and we can only imagine what would have happened if our airco was not working.

It was a bit of a detour though, but the views from the car were well worth it.. There are so many colours, mountains, etc.. We loved it.


Around 3PM we exited Death Valley and stopped for a quick stretch at a Ghost Town.. It was kinda creepy so we didn’t stay for too long.. ( Especially since there was a Rottweiler walking around without any people nearby )

We stopped for some lunch and it was already 11PM and pitchblack outside when we reached the entrance of the Kings Canyon State Park. The last hour we did nothing but drive up and up and up..

The John Muire lodge looked really decent. The night clerk helped us get to our rooms which were really modern.. You would expect it much more basic at this location.. When Kevin got the last bag out of the car, he was surprised by a raccoon family. The nightclerk told us they looked cute, but they can be vicious. So we had to be careful..

WhatsApp Image 2017-05-01 at 00.21.38

Time for sleep after a really long day, driving for this long makes you really tired and irritated. Tomorrow we will explore Kings Canyon for a bit.

Here are some pics from our big trip to Kings Canyon :


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