Hello everyone,

First of all we would like to apologize for the wait. We had a lot of busy days, LONG trips and no service at all for some days. So today we will be posting some blogs for the last week. First up is our tripreport from Vegas after the Grand Canyon Western Ranch! And what a visit it was..

Day 18, 19 and 20 were our Vegas days! We had a 2 hour drive from our ranch through some desert and small towns into the City of Sin. It is quite a big change of scenery. From absolutely nothing to a big city with huge and crazy buildings.


We originally booked at the Best Western, but it got cancelled a week prior to our trip so we had to change hotels.. And we are sooooo glad we did. We got a good deal at the Trump Hotel so we figured,… yeah this is going to be fun! 🙂

Upon arrival we decided to upgrade our room to a corner suite with a view of the Vegas Strip.. We have been to some great hotels before ( Platine in Paris, Hesperia Towers in Barcelona, … ) but the Trump International Hotel in Las Vegas is … out of this world!

Not only is the lobby awe inspiring, every staff friendly and understanding, valet parking very smooth, AND THE ROOM! It cannot be described how luxurious, modern and spacious our room was. We made a full video of our room :



That being said, Vegas is crazy and beautiful. Walking down the strip, you see so much iconic buildings you recognize from the movies. The weather is really great in April ( 27°C in the evenings .. ). There is so much to do 24/7 here.

Day 19 we went to do laundry in a laundromat. A big place with tons of washers and dryers. We finally have fresh clothes again! Outside the laundromat Kevin spoke to some people and they advised us to avoid Reno ( we plan to go there next week ) and go somewhere else since it’s not that safe and nothing to do there.

We also went on a walk to Caesars Palace Casino and its shopping forum..


An had the time of her life, she saw all these shops you never see in Belgium of famous designers etc.. Once inside Caesars Palace we had a cocktail and were stunned .. You can smoke everywhere! In the bars, at the tables, .. everywhere. What a difference from the past few weeks..

Speaking of smoking, we went for a gambling night on day 19 in the Bellagio Casino. Around 1AM we ran out of cigarettes, so we went to the small market in the casino. We ordered 2 packs of cigarettes.. grand total : 32$ !!! What the hell? Thats 16$ for 1 pack of cigarettes.. Supposedly these are the prices on the whole strip for cigs. Lets buy 1 pack only 🙂

Not everything is expensive here though, in the whole casino all drinks are FREE. Red Bull, wine, soft drinks, beer … everything is free as long as you are gambling. Lets drink wine until it paid back for our cigarettes ! 🙂


On Saturday it was the big day for An.. She has been a big fan of the Backstreet Boys since her childhood, and guess what? They have a show in Vegas.. So there we went, surrounded by 10.000 screaming girls we went to see their show at Planet Hollywood on the Strip. All in all it was a really fun night and we got an Uber back to the hotel at 3AM.


Last day in Vegas we decided to try White Castle. It’s a famous fast food restaurant known for their mini ham- and cheeseburgers. It is garbage! The taste was bad, the menu is confusing and the staff was not friendly. Nothing beats McDonalds so far!

Day 21 will be our drive to Kings Canyon National Park through Death Valley! A 10 hour roadtrip..

Here are some pics from Vegas :


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