The land of additional charges

Day 10 in the United States of America. Land of the Free. The country of opportunities and great business. But above all : The land of additional charges 🙂

After 10 days we experienced alot already and everything so far has been great. But by now we have discovered the secret of the success of American businesses.. charge more than you advertise and make EVERYTHING optional!

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The real stars of Hollywood

Day 9 was a lazy one. We slept in untill noon today ( don’t judge! ) and wanted to do something without driving ourselves today.. Originally we wanted to go to Disneyland or the Universal Studios but 2 things kept us from going :

  1. It’s spring break in the US right now, which means the parks are PACKED with kids right now. So that means long lines and ALOT of waiting.
  2. Every park has a regular ticket ( which already costs alot ) and on top of that you can buy a FAST pass ( which lets you get in front of lines ). And if thats not enough already, they also have even FASTER passes ( some of which costs 300$ each! ) to get in front of everyone on the rides.

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Into the deep

Day 4 in the USA. We wake up early again ( around 6.30 ) and today we plan on visiting the Monterey Bay Aquarium. One of the biggest aquariums on the planet! Kevin has his daily morning coffee while videochatting with Glenn ( Glenn is like our travelpet, he visits everything with us from Belgium 🙂 ). Tonight we will be sleeping in Santa Cruz, the surf town.

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American traffic while going to prison.

Our blog had a bit of a delay because our WiFi was non-existant in San Jose, but all should be good now. Expect day 4 in a couple of hours too!

Day 3 was long and exciting.. After just driving around in Redwood City & Palo Alto, today we had some real driving ahead of us. A 1.5 hour drive to the center of San Francisco and a 2 hour drive from San Francisco to San Jose. As usual An was already awake at 5.30 so Kevin was on his way for coffee and bagels around 6.30 AM.

First of all some quick observations about the American way of driving :

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